Peruvian ‘drug kingpin’ listed as deceased in his home country turns up alive and with a new identity in Bolivia

Narcotraficante Edbar Ruiz Pérez Narcotraficante Edbar Ruiz Pérez

PERU, Lima, March 18, 2024 (GPA). Peruvian police discover that a ‘drug kingpin’ listed as deceased in Peru’s National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC), however, appears in the records of Bolivia’s General Service of Personal Identification (SEGIP) as Eduardo Pestaña Castro.

According to the death certificate, drug trafficker Edbar Ruiz Perez, born in the district of Rupa-Rupa, Leoncio Prado province in Huanuco 54 years ago – a key target for the Police Anti-Drug Directorate – died on November 5, 2022 in a house located in the Santa Apolonia cooperative in the district of San Martin de Porres.

But it turns out that Ruiz Perez alias ‘Manguera’ is not dead. Police have managed to determine that he is alive and hiding in Bolivia under the name of Eduardo Pestaña Castro, from where he continues to manage cocaine trafficking between Peru and the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

After the report of the Peruvian TV program ‘Cuarto Poder’ was broadcasted, RENIEC informed that it has proceeded to observe both the death certificate and the DNI registry of Edbar Ruiz Perez, and that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed a criminal complaint before the Public Prosecutor’s Office against all those responsible.

According to the Peruvian police investigation, this “drug lord” by the name of Eduardo Pestaña Castro continues to manage cocaine trafficking by air between Peru and Bolivia, reports This criminal gang uses small aircraft to move drugs, taking advantage of the vast and unguarded jungle regions to hide their illicit activities.

According to investigations, Ruiz allegedly paid a doctor to certify his false death. With this certificate, a death certificate was processed and his DNI was annulled, until he reappeared in Bolivia with a new identity.

In the communiqué, RENIEC indicated that the registration of the death was carried out in “strict compliance with the legal framework in force”.

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