Ukraine has called on the United States for these anti-aircraft batteries, which are capable of intercepting ballistic and cruise missile

Antimisiles Patriot (foto Contando Estrelas) Antimisiles Patriot (foto Contando Estrelas)

UNITED STATES, Washington, December 14, 2022 (GPA). America’s involvement in the war in Ukraine takes a step further and is finalizing the details to send Patriot anti-aircraft batteries to address one of President Volodimir Zelenski’s most recurring claims. The green light is scheduled to be given this Thursday. CNN, which cited three officials, one of them a senior government official, indicated that the plan still needs the approval of secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, before it can be sent to the Oval PA Office.

All three sources agreed that the initiative is expected to be approved. Ukraine has called on the United States for these anti-aircraft batteries, which are capable of intercepting ballistic and cruise missiles, in the face of the upsurge in Russian bombardments that have destroyed key infrastructure.

It is not known how many Patriot shuttles would be shipped, but a battery typically includes a radar that detects and tracks the target, computers, generators, and a control station, plus eight minilanzans with four missiles ready to fire. Once the plan is finalized and approved, the Patriots would quickly arrive in Ukraine, whose military would be trained in its use at the US base of Grafenwoehr in Germany, CNN sources said.

Ukraine has been ordering these batteries for months, but their shipment faces numerous logistical and operational obstacles. Despite these challenges, «the reality of what is happening on the ground» has led the US government to take a decision in this regard, one source told CNN, referring to the Russian missile bombings.

Russia, for its part, has already issued the warning: If sent, the Patriots will become legitimate targets of the Russian Armed Forces. «Absolutely,» Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov pointed out at a daily telephone press conference when asked whether he agrees with statements by Russia’s Security Council Vice-President Dmitri Medvedev. He said in late November that the Patriots will immediately «become a legitimate target of our Arm Forces.

Peskov said, however, that for the time being he has refrained from making further comments, because for now the possibility of the US supplying Patriot anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine has only been released in the media without official confirmation from Washington.

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